Lord Adinatha’s Statue in Bawangaja Temple, Madhya Pradesh, India

The word Bawangaja means 52 yards. The Bawangaja Temple in Madhya Pradesh is one of the most popular Jain pilgrimage sites in the world. The temple is known for the world’s first tallest statue of Lord Adinatha, first Jain Tirthankara (Hindu pilgrimage founder). The idol carved out of the mountainside and is 84 feet high. It not only attracts the local pilgrims but also from across the world. Tirthankars by their spiritual practices show the pilgrims the way to overcome the inescapable cycle of death and rebirth. Anyone who visits the places linked with these Divine beings turns pure and holy.

Bawangaja Temple

Pilgrimage sites fall into 4 major categories

  1. Kalyanaka Kshetras

Places linked with the great Tirthankar’s birth and other memorable life events such as Ayodhya and Hastinapur.

  1. Siddha Kshetras or Nirvana Kshetras

Places where they attained liberation such as Sammed Shikhar, Kailashgiri, and Girnargiri.

  1. Atishaya Kshetras

Places where miracles happened in their lives such as Padampura and Tijara.

  1. Kala Kshetras

These places are popular for their temples, monuments, and pictures. Most Jain temples come in this category.

Complete Address:

Shri Digambar Jain Siddha Temple
Bawangaja, Satpura range, Barwani – 451551

Madhya Pradesh, India

History and Belief

India’s megalithic statue was sculpted in a brownstone in the beginning part of the 12th century. As per an inscription, Bhattarak Ratanakirti renovated this temple in 1516 to maintain its glory and magnificence. He also built 10 zonalal around the big temple. This temple was neglected during the Muslim rule. The statue wasn’t protected from the rain, sun, and strong winds. Thus, it turned shabby.

The Digambar Jain community took some time to realize it. They called the Indian Archeology Department in 1979 to send some officers and engineers in order to protect and restore the statue. They built gallery on statue’s both side to save it from rain and heat. It cost around Rs. 59000.

MEASUREMENT OF THE STATUE (Details of the statue)
Size of the idol: Total height 84 ft 
Expansion between both arms: 26 ft 
Length of hand: 46 ft 6 Inch
Waist length: 47 ft 
Circular circumference: 26 ft 
Length of foot: 13 ft 9 Inches
Nose length: 3 ft 3 inch
Eye Length: 3 ft 3 inches
Ear length: 9 ft 8 inches
Distance between both the ears: 17 ft 6 inches
Feet width: 5 ft 3 in





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